Our Design & Build Process

The time we spend with you, our client, is our number one priority, we discuss topics such as planning, design and budget for your project. Heartridge is with you every step of the way; helping your dream home become a reality. We’ll discuss every aspect of the project with you, covering every topic from the foundation to interior finishes. We’ll bring in our team of designers, architects and contractors from the very beginning. This ensures a seamless team of professionals, all working from the same page and dedicated to delivering the very best results possible.

During the construction phase, meetings are scheduled to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and delivers the quality you expect. Quality control is paramount and if even the smallest aspect of a project is not to our or our clients expectations, we correct it. Our family of sub-contractors are qualified through years of experience.

Upon completion of the construction phase, the project it still not finished. We perform regular 10, 30, and 90 day check-ups to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with their investment. After one year, we follow up to make sure you are still completely satisfied and no repairs need to be made.

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