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Heartridge Builders Commercial Construction Company Division is focused on new building construction, building renovations, additions and tenant improvements throughout Central NC. With a Class A Unlimited Commercial Licensure, Heartridge Builders can manage and oversee your commercial construction project from inception to completion for a complete and lower cost turn-key solution.

Our commercial construction clients are very important to us and we strive to provide services and value that are hard to find from other contractors or construction companies. From Construction Management and Consulting, to Designing, Building and General Contracting services; Heartridge Builders will evaluate your needs and recommend the best solution to complete your project.

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Commercial Builder NC


When we say “complete” we mean it!

Our commercial projects aren’t only built to completion, we top off our commercial builds with full service interior and exterior signage and installation/s as needed!

Over 20yrs ago our designer and marketing manager (Daniel Whitaker) began his design & advertising career in the print & signage industry. Once Heartridge began, we used Daniel as a consultant…It was in those days that we began developing the team that we’ve now become!

The move to create our Sign Division isn’t just validated by experience alone! Our Commercial Construction Division builds businesses that obviously need signs – Now we construct the business and simultaneously create and install the signs as we go. It’s a successful formula that more than justifies our full-service Sign Division. It also saves our customers money as we’re already established on site.

By design, we do not have a typical “storefront” location as our business model supports our commercial endeavors– However, we do serve the sign needs of the general public as well when called upon! Our full service production facilities are located in Greensboro & Chapel Hill, NC