Summerfield NC Custom Built Home Featured on The Real Estate Book

Real-Estate-BookOne of Heartridge Builders custom built home projects in Summerfield, NC was recently featured on the front cover of The Real Estate Book.

The custom built craftsman style retreat is located on over an acre. The home was also featured on the 2013 Southern Ideal Home show. The custom built home features a gourmet kitchen, hickory hardwood floors, exposed cedar beams and more.

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Top 10 Reasons to Build a Custom Home

Top 10 list have become an expected axiom in practically every “sales” endeavor conceivable. The overuse of Top 10 lists have resulted in an almost humorous or gimmicky connotation. However, the following Top 10 list is in fact worthy of consideration if you are indeed thinking of building a custom home in NC or VA.

  1. Flexibility in design for both current and future needs
  2. Completely accomodates your family’s needs
  3. You determine products and materials used to build your home
  4. You’ll know exactly how the home has been cared for
  5. Not just built “on” your land, but “into” your land! True customization considers how a home is best positioned on and into a particular lot.
  6. Your particular style and design will directly reflect your personality
  7. Your the 1st to live in YOUR home
  8. Total involvment and accomplishment – it’s your home, your builder should involve you throughout the entire process
  9. Control over your budget requirements and/or restrictions 10.Obvious Appreciative Investment…. ( and of course the historically low interest rates )

Considering the list – here are some reasons to consider Heartridge Builders for your custom home project: Continue reading

Choosing a Log Home Builder

January 21, 2011

In this months blog we will be addressing the selection of a log home builder. Keep in mind that many of the areas we discuss will pertaining not only to log homes but also to any other style of home you are building.

First and foremost you must feel a sense of peace and confidence with your log home builder. We’re not talking about some mystical feeling but rather a sense of comfort and trust. Is the builder interested in your questions and concerns? Does he respond to your questions in an acceptable time frame? These are typically very good early indicators of what working with this builder will be like.

Once you find a log home builder that cares more about the quality of construction and your satisfaction than the bottom line, it’s time to start checking references. Most builders and salesmen in general only provide you with phone numbers of happy customers they know will give a great review. Check around online, there are a number of websites where people can leave reviews that aren’t canned and haven’t been handpicked by the builder. While most successful builders strive to do the best we can, the truth is that there are always situations in a build that have to be worked through. This is where your decision in the builder you choose becomes very important. If the builder truly cares about your project, they will communicate and work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. Continue reading

How to Choose a Log Home Supplier

Janurary 11, 2011

So you’re considering building a log home? For years you have been planning, discussing and reviewing options and builders. Now, the time has come to begin finalizing the choices and to choose a log home package and kit supplier and log home builder.

This blog will concentrate on a few of the factors you should consider before selecting a Log Home Supplier. How do you get past the hype and sales pitch to know you will have a great experience and in the end, a home of your dreams?

Selecting a log home Supplier

As a log home builder, we can tell you there are good and bad suppliers of materials. Unfortunately, many companies sell good material but fall far short on service after the sale. Some log home companies employ high pressure sales people skilled in closing the deal and moving on to the next prospect. Some dump the materials on your property and walk away leaving damaged and twisted lumber for the builder to sort through. Then, there are the companies that pride themselves on service and quality and are with you every step of the way. Continue reading

Welcome to Heartridge Builders

April 9, 2010

Heartridge Builders is proud to announce the launch of our updated website and brand new blog. We’ll bring you the latest news and information regarding building techniques, new building products, green building methods and other information we feel you need to know as an existing or potential home owner. We’ll also post information about Continue reading